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Frederic P. Miller Jornada (PDA)

Infos High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Jornada was a line of personal digital assistants or PDAs manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. The Jornada was a broad product line that included Palm-Size PCs, Handheld PCs, and Pocket PCs. The first model was the 820, released in 1998, and the last was the 928 model in 2002 when Compaq and HP merged. The Jornada line was then replaced with the more popular iPAQ model PDAs. All Jornada models ran Microsoft Operating Systems that were based on Windows
Preisvergleich Palm Frederic P. Miller Jornada (PDA)
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Palm TX-312MHz-128MB Preisvergleich
Palm TX-312MHz-128MB
LCD, Farbdisplay, 320x480 Pixel, Palm OS, Intel ARM, 128 MB, USB, 7.8x12.0x1.5 cm, 148 g, Graffiti/On-Screen Keyboard
ab 299 EUR*
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Palm TX-312MHz-128MB Preisvergleich

Palm Zire Preisvergleich
Palm Zire
LCD, 160x160 Pixel, Palm OS, Motorola DragonBall EZ, 4 Mb, USB, 11.2x7.4x1.6 cm, 109 g, Graffiti/On-Screen Keyboard
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Palm Zire 9 von 10 Punkten
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Palm Zire Preisvergleich

Palm Z22-200MHz-32MB Preisvergleich
Palm Z22-200MHz-32MB
LCD, Farbdisplay, 160x160 Pixel, Palm OS, Texas Instruments OMAP™ ARM, 32 MB, 6.86x10.31x1.52 cm, 96.4 g, Graffiti/On-Screen Keyboard
ab 399 EUR*

Palm Z22-200MHz-32MB Preisvergleich

Palm Tungsten E2 Preisvergleich
Palm Tungsten E2
LCD, Farbdisplay, 320x320 Pixel, Palm OS, Intel Xscale, 32 MB, USB, 7.8x11.4x1.5 cm, 133 g, Graffiti/On-Screen Keyboard
ab 219.95 EUR*

Palm Tungsten E2 1 von 10 Punkten
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Palm Tungsten E2 Preisvergleich

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